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23 May 2009 @ 07:27 pm
So it looks like we're closing again ;; I understand that icon awards aren't as big a hit like they used to be, and also everyone is busy with end papers, finals and all, and with that said I'll be closing the community until we get more participation from everyone. Perhaps third time's the charm? ♥ We'll see you all later, and good luck with everything!
10 May 2009 @ 05:04 pm
Sadly, we don't have enough entries to start voting this Sunday, so we're giving the theme an extension. You now have until May 15, 2009 to submit your entries HERE. We all understand that it's finals week and school is hectic, so it's fine. Good luck everyone, and we hope there are more entries during the extension!
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Hey all~ This is your mid-week reminder to get all of your Community Userpic icons in before Sunday, May 10, 2009! There are only 2 lovely entires BUT we really need more. D:


So far, we've reached just enough watchers/members, so I suppose it's safe to start the first test!round of the tob_awards. This will also be interpreted as a Free-for-All theme. So the titles give it away! As you can see, our community lacks a community userpic, as well as a default icon for our example entries, so the first theme is fairly simple.

Provide a maximum of two non-textless icons that must contain the words "Tales of Bishounen Awards" or "TOB Awards", featuring only male characters from any Tales of series before next week, Sunday, May 10, 2009 (tentative date, depending on the number of entries/participants). All comments are screened. Obviously, the winner of this weekly challenge will have their icon as the default icon of the community. Additionally, the use of fanart is not allowed for this theme!

Please submit as follows:

<*img src=""*>
URL: http://nopicture.com
CHARACTER(s)/SERIES: Luke fon Fabre/Asch the Bloody from Tales of the Abyss

We hope everyone will participate with the first week! Looking forward to many entries, orz ;; Also, feel free to pimp out the community, as shameless as it sounds lmao. We still need more members if we're to keep going throughout the entire year ♥
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You may have seen this community somewhere in the past, hosting pretty icons of pretty men. Yes, in 2007, this community was up and running, dedicated to the pure squee and glee of iconning the most beautiful non-existent men of the Tales of [insert series here] fandom! However, the community became inactive due to the lack of participation and real life dilemmas of both mods and participants. It took two years, major username changes, hacking your ass, a box of Kleenex and then some to get this place up and running again, but now, we are proud to say that Tales of Bishounen Awards is now officially OPEN!

...All that ridiculous banter aside, themes and submissions will be posted once the community reaches 45+ members! To guide you through this awesome journey of sword-clashing, long silky protagonist hair and angst that is beyond the universe are enlaire, so_vayne and bel! Additionally, I would like to thank the old moderators of the community for helping out before. It would have died a long time ago without their help. We're hoping the new moderation will also maintain this joint just as good.

So, now that everything has been said and done, go on. Feel free to pimp this bitch, my honeys ♥!
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